Networking Activity

It is RECOMMENDED that all campers bring HEADPHONES(earbuds)

to participate in the Networking Activity.

Calling All Campers!  

On your camping trip you will use your mobile device and the Free Metaverse app to go on an AT Camping Scavenger Hunt. Metaverse is an augmented reality platform used to engage and motivate hands-on learning.

As you make your way through Camp LATI, you will follow the map to locate and scan QR codes. This will give you on-screen directions to gather virtual camping items through interactive experiences. These adventures will lead you on a learning path through assistive technology tools and resources.


Make sure you visit our AT Campground throughout the 2 day summit for a hands-on exploration of the tools and resources you learned about.  


There’s no need to “rough it” will see that AT makes learning adventures easier.


The app

Metaverse-AR Browser

Must use with Metaverse App.  See above.

Items you will need for the communication canoe

Download Susan's Communiation Board


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